Friday, March 1, 2013

Two Asian singers Advance to American Idol Top 20!

Two Asian singers advanced to the American ldol Top 20 while two other Asian singers were eliminated in the sudden death round! 

Asian Singers Eliminated in Sudden Death 

Filipino-American Jett Hermano sang a slow version of Rihanna's dance hit "The Only One."   The judges were unimpressed with the Seattle-based singer's interpretation of the song in which she resorted to a slow version, choosing to stay at her piano during the entire performance.  Idol judges Randy Jackson and Nicki Minaj were hoping for big things from Jett's performance but they were disappointed at the lack of a big ending.  Randy was hoping for the Filipina to stand up and take command of the stage while Nicki Minaj thought her performance was going to have a climatic end but it never came.

Later, the young singer would meet her climatic end when she was eliminated.

Hawaiian-born Filipino-American Bryant Tadeo sang Billy Joel's classic "New York State of Mind" which brought an enthusiastic response from the TV audience but it failed to impress Randy and Nicki.  To some degree, Idol judge Mariah Carey was not enthused about his performance and said that he got lost singing the song but he recovered just enough until the end.

During the judge's criticism, Bryant seemed agitated by their critiques but it was understandable because this was his second go around on American Idol.

Sadly, Bryant was shown the exit door, perhaps wondering if he was going make yet another attempt next season.

Asian Singers Advance to Top 20

Filipino-American Adriana Latonio showed considerable singing chops when she sang Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way" in the sudden death round.   At only 17 years-old, the singer has potential but it is a mystery how she will do in a strong field of female singers.

Idol judge Keith Urban loved her performance.  Nicki liked her command of the stage and her confidence.  Randy said "she sounded like a pro"and that she "was born to do it!"  Mariah liked her performance and was proud of her taking on a song from the Queen of Soul.

As for Chinese-Mexican-American Elijah Liu, his performance of Bruno Mars' "Talking on the Moon" was a little pitchy at times but the judges loved him.  Keith called him "relevant" and having the look of a "pop star."  Nicki said that he was a "superstar" and "marketable." Randy did not like the vocals but he sees major potential.  Mariah liked his control and the use of his "softer voice."

It's never good news to see Asian singers eliminated on American Idol but the Asian Community still has Adriana and Elijah to root for. Making the Top 20 is a big deal!    

We'll see how this one plays out for sure!



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