Monday, March 4, 2013

Singapore Women Harassed by their Own Government!

Photo courtesy of Ben Jeng. 

Singapore women have been under scrutiny when world statistics showed that their country is dead last in fertility rates.

The revealing statistic caused the government to panic about the future state of the country and its economic stability that it instituted a pro-family, let's start making babies campaign!  Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has been proposing to the Parliament to stop the country's slumping birth rate by offering a slew of incentives for couples to have babies and even more of them. The government have created new policies for maternity leave, flexible work arrangements, and paid vacations for the fathers to be with their newborns.    

Singapore women not only felt they were being harassed by government officials but they were insulted as well.  Most of the women said that the government should stop meddling in their lives and labeling them as "baby-making machines!'  Today's Singaporean woman is becoming career-minded and whether they are single or married, the rush to make babies is not high on the list.  Single women are putting their careers ahead of marriage while wives are putting off babies to cultivate their careers first.  The more vain women have put the thought off totally so not to ruin their figures.

The government is alarmed at statistics of 44% of men and 31% of women between 30-34 are single.  Lee told the Strait Times that Singaporeans are not marrying and having children which could be a "national problem."

How crazy is the Singapore government in their baby-making campaign?  They instituted a NATIONAL NIGHT GIVE BIRTH TO A NATION day on August 9, 2012 which encouraged residents to start "getting busy to make some babies!"

In the U.S., we hear songs about "baby-making" or "doing it" or "getting it on" all the time but Singaporeans mean it when they want you to "do it to make 'dem babies!"  Heck, there was even a Singaporean rap song (see below) to inspire the couples as well!

Instead of making a big thing about the horrible fertility rate, the government of Singapore should advertise the benefits of having a baby instead of making it a big deal in front of millions about the "baby crisis!"  So Prime Minister Lee and all government officials should chill for awhile and stop this "do it for Singapore" jargon, and let this work out by itself. After all, women have enough pressure at work and/or being married.

You don't need that in the bedroom!


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