Thursday, March 7, 2013

North Korea Hating Again, Time to Send Rodman!

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is going crazy again!  Time to send  his buddy Dennis Rodman!
Photo courtesy of Petersnoopy  

The U.N. Security council voted for tougher sanctions be placed on North Korea on Thursday March 7 and that act infuriated leader Kim Jong Un, who vowed to nuke the United States!   Now is the time to send Kim's new friend Dennis Rodman and talk the leader down from his "crazy perch" to destroy the U.S. and the rest of the international community.    

The sanctions by the U.N. was supposed to send a message from the international community to the North to end ballistic missle and nuclear tests but boy did that push Kim's button!  Even before the vote at the U.N., an unidentified spokesman from the North said that they were within their rights to use preemptive nuclear strikes to all the agressors (code name United States).

Dennis Rodman, the U.S. only hope for "peace." (source: wikimedia commons)  
Who better to calm these tensions between the North and the U.S. then Rodman, who partied with Kim last month, and kept the leader from destroying the world in that few days.  Dennis Rodman, ain't no "special envoy and primary peacekeeper" like Bill Clinton, but he sure can share stories, down a few drinks, and talk basketball with the North Korean leader.

The two became buddies and Rodman even liked the guy.  His presence made the leader so comfortable that he told the former Chicago Bulls player, "I don't want to do war!"

The folks at Washington D.C. didn't like his shenanigans in North Korea but the baller's "aw shucks" type of mentality warmed the leader and no U.S. government official can brag about that?

Now that the North Korean leader is threatening again, it's time to send Dennis Rodman, "newly annointed special envoy and peacekeeper of the free world" to Pyongyang.

Who knew that the self-promoting, hard partying, former basketball player would be our link to "saving the world?" Never in our wildest dreams.    


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