Friday, March 8, 2013

Asians Knocked Out of American Idol!

Asians were knocked out of American Idol, after Elijah Liu didn't make it to the boy's Top 5 and Adriana Latonio didn't make it on the girl's side, making it the first time in 3 years that a singer of Asian descent did not make it to the Top 10.

Elijah Liu's departure was a surprise after the American Idol judges touted the diminutive Chinese-Mexican-American singer as a "marketable star." He had a better chance of making it to the Top 5 since the boy's field was mediocre at best.  However, the Rowland Heights-based singer did not get enough votes despite the hype.

Filipino-American Adriana Latonio had a tougher task of making the Top 5 in a strong field of girl singers.  Her performance of "Stand up for Love" by Destiny's Child was deemed "safe" and "boring" by the judges and it didn't win any votes.

The 5 male singers who made it in the Top 10 are: 

Paul Jolley
Curtis Finch Jr
Burnell Taylor
Devin Velez 
Lazaro Arbos

The 5 females are: 

Kree Harrison 
Janelle Arthur
Amber Holcomb 
Candice Glover 
Angie Miller.

No reason to get upset and question why there are no Asian singers in the Top 10.  Elijah and Adriana did not get the votes and that's the end of that.

Time to prepare for American Idol 2014.  


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