Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When an Asian Sees Another Asian

You know what I'm talking about when you go somewhere like at a new place (a hospital, shopping mall, restaurant) or a new country and you see another Asian?

You react by feeling (1) Relieved that there's someone of the "same kind" (2) Happy to see someone who can actually help me  (3)  Disgusted and wondering what are THEY doing here?

Yep, just like people from different races, we all act the same in that particular situation.  It all depends on your perspective and how you were brought up.

Most Asian-Americans or any race would opt for No. 1, knowing that someone of the same race is in the same joint.  Most of us feel relieved that a person of the same race and culture is there in close proximity.  You might even feel a little more secure now than you were feeling before you entered the place.

Other Asian-Americans may react like No. 2 and "take advantage" of the same kind whether they are at the airport or at a hospital or at a retail store.  For instance, you've seen an Asian guy trying to worm his way out of paying a fee for extra baggage when that customer service guy or girl is the same race.  And, you've seen an Asian woman try to bargain a little bit harder with a retail store owner, who happens to be the same race.

Some snobby or well-to-do Asian-Americans may be repulsed by seeing another person(s) of the same race with No. 3.  These snotty people would rather hang out with other groups of people from a different race rather than their own.  They look at their own race as "leeches or blood suckers" ready to take advantage of them or as disgraceful people, who bring a bad image to their own kind.

Just plug in any racial group you want and you'll see that they will react the same way like Asian-Americans when it comes to the same situation.

Like in the words of Barbara Streisand, "it's just people needing people" or maybe not.    


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