Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Asian-Americans and Guns

It's really hard to say how many Asian-Americans have guns in the U.S. but considering their roots go back to the 1800s, I would have to say there's alot!

According to 8Asians.com, they believe that the political party that an Asian-American is affiliated may have something to do if you're a gun owner.  That's means Asian-American Republicans may have more reasons to own a gun rather than an Asian-American Democrat.  Currently, there are no statistics on how many gun owners are Asian-American but some high-profile criminals of Asian descent have surfaced over the past 10 years like Virginia Tech mass murderer Seung Hoi-Cho, Oikos College (Oakland, California) killer One L. Goh, and Honolulu Xerox gunshooter Brian Uyegusi.

I come from a gun culture from the rural island of Molokai (Hawaii) where guns are primarily used for hunting.  At a young age, we were taught to respect the use of guns and shown how to use them.  Keep in mind, this was during the 70s when I started shooting but the low crime rate on the island still exists today.

That was during a simple time when the pressures of life were minimal.  Compared to today's life, the pressures and stress have intensified exponentially and you hear about mass shootings taking place in the U.S. all the time.  From the Columbine murders to the Gabrielle Giffords shooting to the recent Newtown, Connecticutt shooting, there's mass shootings happening all around us in the country.

The weapons haven't changed, but the people have.  Mental Illness is all around us and unfortunately unstable people are venting their frustration by using weapons and killing other people!

For now, the Federal Government is under pressure to institute a ban on assault weapons but do they really believe that this policy will stop unstable people from acquiring even a simple gun to kill others?


The lesson in all this is that Asian-Americans like the rest of the population is arming themselves because they can't wait those precious 20 minutes until the Police arrives to save them from a vicious criminal.  The L.A. riots of 1992 showed how law enforcement "backed off" from stopping looters and criminals from "going crazy" leaving many residents and business owners to fend for themselves.  Luckily, the Koreans and other Asian groups had enough sense to arm themselves during the "free for all."

You think any of the looters or criminals messed with these armed Asian-Americans?  NOPE!

I'm not a gun advocate nor am I against guns.  I'm like anyone who believes that having "a piece" in your tool box is nice to have in case some stranger wants to inflict damage on your property and on your family.

Besides, as long as the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution is still active, we have that right and Asian-Americans are taking advantage like the rest of America.

What do you think?  Please place your comments below!  No be shame!

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