Monday, June 17, 2013

Why the Elimination of Judith Hill May Change THE VOICE!

There is no doubt that professional singer Judith Hill is super talented and has a bright future but her shocking elimination on THE VOICE on Tuesday May 28 raised many questions about why the American public did not vote for her and it may be the reason why a change to the format of the hit show may be inevitable.

The African-Japanese-American beauty was a popular fixture on Season 4 and her path to the finals appeared to be "locked up" before her surprising elimination in the round of 16.  The shocking result caught all the judges and the audience by surprise, which led Hill's mentor and Coach Adam Levine to utter the controversial words, "I hate this country". There is no clear explanation as to why Hill was eliminated but there are reasons which are NOT related to her talent that led to her downfall on THE VOICE.

The once-backup singer to Michael Jackson was a remarkable talent on the show but some critics including Rolling Stone writer Katy Kroll believe that voters may have perceived her "to be too polished and too professional to win THE VOICE."   For some reason, Judith Hill's consistent performances week after week may have actually "turned off" voters, who felt that singers with no professional singing background, were more deserving to win the show.

If Judith Hill's resume was not revealed on THE VOICE, there is a good chance that she would still be on the show based on her singing ability alone.

THE VOICE may be a singing show but it is a popularity contest too and having Judith Hill's professional background being revealed may have led some voters to sympathize with the other singers, who were not fortunate enough to have extensive training like Hill.

The show does allow professional singers to audition on the show no matter what previous record label experience they've had.  The show profiles each contestant and reveals their singing background whether they are an amateur or professional. Although some voters understand that the show has a mix of amateur and professional singers, Judith Hill's elimination was unfortunate and may cause the producers of the show to re-think the mixture of "amateur" and "professional" musicians on THE VOICE.

Should there be a shakeup on THE VOICE to pit amateur versus professional singers on the show?

There should be a change so that voters can understand the clear distinction of WHO is amateur and WHO is professional.  The change in format would result in pitting professional singers against each other in one category and amateurs versus the others in another category.  The final showdown would result in the top amateur singer pitted against the professional.

There should be a criteria allowing professional singers on the show.  No high-profile singer, who had previous chart success at one point in their career, would be allowed on the show.  Backup singers like Judith Hill or singers, who had a record deal with no success, would be allowed in the competition.

There is no question that the talented singer deserved to be in the finale on Monday June 17, which has country singers the Swon Brothers and Danielle Bradbery pitted against pop music artist Michelle Chamuel.  Unfortunately, Judith Hill was deemed "overqualified" to be on THE VOICE.  


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