Monday, April 15, 2013

Will Psy's "Gentleman" Equal or Surpass "Gangnam Style?"

Will Psy's "Gentleman" equal or surpass his song and music video "Gangnam Style?"  The number of views for "Gentleman" is currently at 62.8M views on YouTube (as of April 15) after only 2 days of release!

PSY's "Gentleman" Off to Fast Start!  

The music video for "Gentleman" has already exceeded the previous video on the number of hits on YouTube in a shorter time than "Gangnam Style" which took a month and a half to attain 60M views!  What makes PSY's first video astounding is the fact that he was generally unknown outside of Korea in 2012 when "Gangnam Style" became viral.  "Gentleman" has the luxury of being performed by a now well-known performer in PSY, thanks to the worldwide popularity of "Gangnam Style" and many of his fans, who were curious about his follow-up single.

Is his sequel better than the original?  That depends on which one is pleasing to your ear.

The new song/music video is catchy, entertaining, and has some nifty dance moves comparable to the "horse dance" of "Gangnam Style" for the masses to imitate.  "Gentleman" is actually pays homage to a 2009 hit "Abracadabra" by the K-pop girl band Brown Eyed Girls (BEG).  Ironically, one of the members of BEG, Ga In, is featured in the new PSY video, playing the sexy foil to the Korean singer's ungentleman-like persona.

Too Early to Tell if PSY's "Gentleman" is A Hit!

Many PSY haters believed that the Korean singer had set himself up to be so famous that his sequel "was bound to flop."  There is long list of one-hit wonders, who could never duplicate their initial hit, and many wondered if the Seoul native was among them.

We have to admit that PSY's "Gentleman" is too early to tell if it will equal or succeed his previous hit.  Keep in mind; it's only been 2 days.

Supporters of K-pop are hoping that he continues his wave of success and that it would help the genre increase in popularity in the U.S..




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