Friday, April 5, 2013

The Asian Help, Unlikely Celebrities?

The Asian Help, who cater to Hollywood celebrities, are becoming celebrities themselves! This is a phenomenon that I find fascinating and surreal at the same time.  How could someone become a celebrity, who caters to an actual celebrity?  Only in America.

Adam Levine and his Asian Help

Adam Levine, lead singer of the popular band Maroon 5, released a photo with him and his Indonesian maid Ani late last month. The news of the Indonesian maid catering to the rock star exploded all over the internet.  Indonesian tabloid IndoBoom found out her name and her biographical information that made her into an instant star not only in Indonesia and Asia but even in America too!

Maroon 5 fans, mostly women, talked about being jealous of Ani, wishing for a chance to exchange places with the maid.  In her home country, there is talk of newspapers and TV shows wanting to interview her once she returns to Indonesia.

Charlie Sheen's Asian Help Helps Herself! 

Charlie Sheen, former star of TWO AND A HALF-MEN and now starring in ANGER MANAGEMENT, brought fame for his personal chef Khristianne Uy when she competed on ABC's competitive cooking program THE TASTE.  Sheen promoted his chef through Twitter and urged his large following to watch the TV program.

To her credit, Uy showed why he was hired by the "Ma-Sheen" when she eventually won the title on THE TASTE.

Sharon Stone in Trouble with Her Former Asian Help  

Unlike Levine and Sheen, the case of the Asian Help and actress Sharon Stone involves a lawsuit.  The Asian help was her former live-in Filipina nanny, who is suing the actress for harassment, retaliation, and wrongful termination.

Erlinda Elemen claims that the actress told her not to speak in front of the children because of her accent. She said that Sharon did not want her children to talk like her.  In addition, the actress believes "being Filipino is being stupid."

Elemen is also suing for unpaid wages when she accompanied the actress on numerous trips and claimed that Sharon said "she had no right for overtime pay."

Blame It on the Social Media!  

Thanks to the Social Media, fame can fall upon anyone, who would have not been recognized in the first place by the conventional media (television or print media).  Today, all it takes is a viral photo or video of a person on the internet and fame comes instantly.

I am fascinated at the fact that the Asian help are being recognized but in the most unlikely manner.  I do support Asian celebrities in every shape and form but the internet has taken it a step further in a bizarre way.

Hey, if Honey Boo Boo and the Kardashians can gain fame, why not the Asian Help?  

What do you think?  Has the internet taken stardom to an extreme level?   Should these unlikely celebrities be recognized as stars?   Please leave your comments below.    



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