Monday, April 22, 2013

Bradley Cooper is "Asian," Lives with his Mom!

Bradley Cooper  (photo courtesy of Michelle Wright)

Bradley Cooper is "Asian" and living with his Mom!  The fact that the 38 year-old Italian-Irish-American actor was living with his mother was big news in the U.S. and around the world but it wasn't surprising news in Asia or to Asian-Americans, who live with their elders. In the eyes of many Westerners,  the actor's living arrangement is unusual but it is perfectly normal in the Asian world.

Bradley Cooper is "Asian":  A Necessary Living Arrangement

Just a week ago, Cooper admitted to Details magazine that he lived with his Mother Gloria.  It was an arrangement that was necessary because of the death of his Father 2 years ago and they moved in together for "support reasons."   She doesn't live on a compound or in a guest house but in the bedroom next to his.

Suddenly, Bradley Cooper becomes more of an endearing guy than ever before.  You hear so many stars having strained relationships with their parents but for Cooper to "take care" of his Mom makes him a "great guy" among Asians and other races, who take care of their elders.

For Asians, living with your parents or extended family is common in the U.S., in Asia, and around the world.  They have strong and close family ties, so living among grandparents, uncles and aunties, and other family is not unusual.  There is a strong sense of responsibility for Asian children to care for their parents when they get older.  Living together is not only the right thing for most Asian young adults to do but it makes economic sense based on the current financial climate.

These are some of the factors why Asians live with their elders:

  • No place to live yet since real estate market not affordable in their area
  • Close to family
  • Don't want to live alone
  • Parents "brainwash" them not to leave
  • Parents are rich and the kids are taking advantage living with them
  • They got no place to go

Bradley Cooper is "Asian":  Living Together With Elders Has Drawbacks

Living together doesn't come without drawbacks.  Today, some Asian children complain about the lack of freedom, the inability to forge their own identity, and how the elders become manipulative towards their situation.  Many complain about the burden of caring for the elders and are overcome with guilt when they leave the family.

More Asian children are leaving the family, choosing to live on their own.  The separation of the family unit has caused some social problems within some families who have no one to take care of the parents.  With some households having low birthrates, there is a growing problem of families having no children to care for the elderly.

Since 1999, the Asian elderly population has been increasing in nursing homes in the U.S. according to  The news doesn't come as a surprise since many Asian families are faced with the hardship and burden of caring for the elderly and are turning to nursing homes for help. In what was seen as a "last resort" for most Asian families has become an indispensable option today.

Living With Your Family is NOT for Everyone

Living with your family is NOT for everyone, no matter what race you are.  For hunky actor Bradley Cooper, the arrangement with his Mom may either appeal or scare his prospective girlfriend(s).  Asian men and women often complain about how their living situations with their families have "scared off" girlfriends and boyfriends.

No matter, the living arrangement with the elders is a package and, in most cases, non-negotiable.  That's why I believe Bradley Cooper is "Asian" and he has the luckiest Mom in the world.



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