Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Is the New Jessica Sanchez Single "Tonight" Mediocre?

Is the new Jessica Sanchez single "Tonight" featuring Ne-Yo mediocre?  Some believe the new single is dull and sounds like the same type of song that has been done by established pop artists like Rihanna, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, and Selena Gomez.

On "Tonight," having an established recording artist like Ne-Yo featured on the new single is a good strategy for the singer, who had mixed results with her first single "Fairytale."  The new song is a preview of things to come when her new album "Me, You, and the Music" makes its debut on April 30.  She will also be featured on GLEE in the series last 3 episodes, playing a singer, who has a powerhouse voice from a rival school.

Her single and her appearance on GLEE is part of a plan to ramp up publicity for her 1st album, which many have high expectations since her appearance on American Idol last year.

Jessica Sanchez: Comparisons to Philip Phillips Won't Stop  

Jessica Sanchez, who was runner-up to Philip Philipps on American Idol, will be compared to the Albany, Georgia musician until she can forge her own success in the music world.

As it stands, Philip's album "The World from the Side of the Moon" released in November 2012 has been certified gold by RIAA as of January 2013, selling over 700k copies.  His single "Home" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs category and has been a top 10 fixture on Billboard 100, selling over 4 million copies!  His new single "Gone, Gone, Gone" has sold more than 270k copies and is #59 on the Billboard Hot 100.  Youtube lists his music video "Home" with more than 16M views (as of March 27, 2013) and "Gone, Gone, Gone" has been seen by more than 1M (as of March 27, 2013).

To the baby diva's credit, her music video for her single has already been viewed more than 900k times (as of March 27, 2013) since its release on March 22.  

For Jessica Sanchez, "Tonight" may be a new beginning in a career where she is going through the path of a singer with an urban sound.  This is the same path that Mariah Carey and Shakira went through but experienced mixed results.  Jessica can't be pegged as Celine Dion or a Whitney Houston-type of singer but the transformation has surprised many of her fans.

A New Jessica Sanchez, Get Used to It!

Keep in mind, she's only 17 and her musical taste does reflect pop music of today, not the songs of earlier genres that she sung so brilliantly on American Idol.  Hopefully, her chosen direction doesn't alienate some of her Idol fans.

So America better get used to the new Jessica Sanchez.

Let's hope her Idol fans can still continue to support her as she makes the transition from TV reality singing star to budding pop music star.



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