Friday, February 8, 2013

Sorry, My American Cars Were More Reliable than my Japanese Cars

Yes, I'm telling the truth when I say that my American cars that I've owned lasted LONGER than my Japanese cars!  Now that's from my experience okay but other people find that unusual when I say that.

I had a 1995 Ford Aerostar (pictured above) that lasted until 2011 with more than 200k miles on it.  The only problem I had was a leak in the power steering and the usual wear-and-tear (brakes, tires, dings and scratches, etc.,).  The 2000 Dodge Dakota I have is still kicking and the only problem I had was replacing the water pump and the usual wear-and-tear.

Now, I've owned a lot of Japanese cars but they all seem to fall apart when it approaches 10 years old.  My Datsun 280Z began to disintegrate at 10 years and it had so many problems that I couldn't tolerate fixing it over and over again.  My Toyota Celica lasted 10 years but it had so much problems that when the dealer said they would fix a problem for more than a $1000, I gave it up right then and there.  My Acura Integra had to have its engine replaced because my 10 year overhaul was worth more than the vehicle!

I did the same thing for all the vehicles concerning oil change, tune ups, and removing-and-replacing a few parts.

Now, I'm no mechanic but most of my mechanics (and they are Asians by the way) own an American car on the side.  How do I know?  I see them driving up to work in one while I'm waiting for them in the early morning to open up their shop. Usually, the car I had to repair was my Japanese car.

I've had mechanics of all nationalities--Japanese, Korean, Filipino, Iranian, Caucasian, European, Portuguese, and Hawaiian.  My current one is Korean.

These mechanics all tell me the same thing.  Doesn't matter what brand of car you own.  These things break down despite the usual upkeep.

As long as you have a trusty mechanic, who isn't after the fast buck (like most of them unfortunately) and tells you what to look out for as a potential problem, your car can last longer than the norm.

Sure, many car publications tell us how superior Japanese/Korean cars are than American cars but my own survey deviates from their claim.

Again, this is only from my experience, okay?

Anyone has the same feeling about American cars?  Tell me about it by leaving a comment below.



  1. haha. Well, it depends on how you have used cars. IMO, Japanese cars are more reliable compare to American cars.

  2. Kyoko, thanks for your response. My experience with American and Japanese cars probably doesn't fit the norm. All the reviews regarding the outstanding reliability of Japanese cars seem to support that fact. That's why my experience is unusual. However, of all the Asian mechanics I have had, they do believe one thing: Cars break and it doesn't matter what make or model (unless it is a "piece of sh*t" said one of my mechanics).

    By the way, my new Honda Odyssey has had more problems than my 15 year old Ford Aerostar. Thank goodness I bought an extended warranty.

    Again, this is my opinion only based on my experience.

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