Friday, February 15, 2013

Expectations Are High for Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez just completed her Valentines Day concert in the Philippines and left many people wondering if the former American Idol singer has a good shot at success in America. We'll find out soon enough when she unveils her new album which is due out sometime in the Spring.  

The singer's Philippine concert was flooded with covers of other artists' songs from Lauryn Hill's "Can't Take My Eyes of You" to Adele's "Someone Like You" to Michael Jackson's "Human Nature."  She also threw in some "American Idol" favorites like "I Will Always Love You," "Dance with My Father," and her signature "And I'm Telling You."  She finished the concert with her new song "Fairytale" which is a preview of things to come on her new album. All in all, she belted out 14 songs, nothing to write home about, but enough to satisfy her fans for that night.

"Fairytale" may have been a preview for her fans but the single hasn't generated any buzz or airplay on the radio and it hasn't come close to becoming a viral hit on YouTube since its release last August.

The new album has been described as having an urban-feel in a genre that is crowded with artists with similar styles.  Whoever is responsible marketing "Jessica Sanchez, pop music star" has a major task. She has to standout among the Lady Gagas, Adeles, Beyonces, and Rihannas of the music world and that means putting out an album with outstanding songwriting (hello Swedish songwriters) and original production.

There is an air of mystery regarding Sanchez's commitment to her music and her upcoming role on "Glee" and whether she will back the album with a tour.  The singer and her management have remained tight-lipped about her plans for 2013.  

Nevertheless, the expectations placed on Jessica Sanchez are high and that comes with the territory for the Filipino-Mexican singer and American Idol runner-up.      

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